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What is CORE?

Walking in your purpose
Letting Your True Light Shine
A High Vibration Environment
Your Uniqueness
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CORE aims to inspire transformation within individuals as they operate from their core. Offering services such as event speaking, couples coaching, spiritual and transformational workshops (which includes some individual intensives), retreats, interactive fellowship services, and self-empowerment seminars; we seek to encourage growth and to break the binds of unbelief, fear, pride, ego and negativity from past experiences. 

Through our Community Of Restoration & Enlightenment

If you are searching to become more aware of the presence of a Divine Source or wish to have a space to interact with other spiritually enlightened individuals, CORE is your home. Every individual that we come in contact with, we wish to see them live as the most highest and complete version of themselves. Living life's best from your CORE; transformation at a time.  

"Bianca and Ken have counseled our family through the ebbs and flows of life without judgement.  In moments when we felt despair, afraid and most alone, they helped us reconnect with our spiritual core.  They guided us to love meaningfully." - Hao Nguyen and family

"Kenneth and Bianca have been there for me in so many ways.  Oftentimes, these two have been my sanity when I am too emotional to think with reason.  They are always a phone call or text away.  They never judge you or your situation and they will help you work through it to find a solution.  They are always willing and ready to hear what is going on with you.  I had the pleasure of knowing these two before they became one and they were great then, but when God blessed them to be together, they became so much greater in being able to help God's people.  If you are ever in need they will be there with their ear open to listen and their heart open to receive and help you through whatever it may be."  - Ashley Turner


"My fiancé and I decided to do premarital coaching sessions with Kenneth and Bianca and the sessions fully exceeded our expectations. They gave us several invaluable tools that we have used and will continue to use to keep our marriage strong." - Shawni 

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