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Meet the CORE Creators

Kenneth Page Jr., M. Div.


            Kenneth was born and raised in the church to parents who were both ministers. In fact, he comes from a family of ministers, singers, and musicians. Called to the ministry at the very young age of 13, he recognized early on that his life would be different from the majority of his peers. He has served in his church organization as a mentor to other youth, while also uplifting believers with his gifted voice through song. He is a self-taught drummer and tinkers with the piano and bass guitar from time to time. His passion for helping those in need is deeply embedded in his upbringing and he currently is on a mission to inspire change in those who see themselves as “broken” and unworthy.  

            Kenneth served four years in the United States Army right out of high school and was honorably discharged at the end of his tour of duty. He has been fortunate to travel around the world and interact with a myriad of people from all walks of life. While stationed in South Korea, he assisted the music ministry for Church of God in Christ every Sunday. This led to a rare opportunity to become a member of the All Army Chorus where he was able to meet and perform for some of the world’s highest dignitaries. He was awarded the Army Commendation Ribbon and Service Ribbon while serving in the military. Kenneth, however, would return to Michigan after serving his country and experiencing a horrific family tragedy that led him back home. 

            Upon returning home from duty, Kenneth became a Detroit Police Officer for six years. He patrolled the city on the west side of Detroit and was eventually stationed on the southwest side of the city. He received several citations from the city of Detroit for his outstanding service and leadership. While serving on the force, he witnessed and investigated some of the most heinous and tragic acts by humanity. The effect of some of these encounters led him on a spiritual quest to find healing for individuals who suffer from tormented pasts, unhealthy living environments, and lack of self-esteem.

            Today, Kenneth is an ordained elder and assistant pastor at the Spiritual Israel Church in Compton California. He loves being married to his wife Bianca and cherishes his two beautiful children. He remains passionate about helping others and devotes countless hours to teaching and serving. He has since graduated with honors from Liberty University Theological Seminary with a Masters in Divinity, with a concentration in counseling. He continues to share his gift of song and has even recorded two cds and an EP. Together with his wife, they plan to create radical change in the spiritual community, one transformation at a time.

Bianca A. Page, J.D.


             As a licensed minister, spiritual and relationship coach, heart healer, and soul developer, Bianca was raised in the bosom of God’s hands as a lifelong member of the Spiritual Israel Church, where she currently serves in the ministry and on the Mothers’ board. A talent development manager and attorney with a major law firm, a graduate of UCLA, Loyola Law School (Los Angeles), and the Israel Spiritual School of Theology, she has served on boards for both philanthropic and spiritual growth purposes. Marrying her passion in her current profession, Bianca often assists in pro bono legal matters helping underserved factions of the community.

             Raised in a loving home, Bianca realized early on how essential self-love and personal development were to navigate through life. Although her mother taught her and her sister the importance of a good work ethic, financial responsibility, and maintaining a healthy and regular spiritual practicum; she experienced tumultuous relationships during her dating years that could have left her broken and void. Fortunately, with the love of her family and spiritual environment, she gravitated to mentors and guides that helped usher her into an enlightened state.

            Over the years in her various social circles of life, Bianca is commonly known as a non-judgmental person and a good listener. These innate skills have made her a “go-to” and confidante of many. This organically evolved into a ministry of helping others address their challenges; celebrate themselves, and live life from an empowered state.

            Bianca is a prayer warrior who enjoys touching other souls through her speaking and writing. She has a passion to help all mankind find peace and joy during their earthly journey, with an emphasis on coaching women and youth. Her biggest joy comes from being a mother and wife.


Together in Unison


           Bianca and Kenneth were united at a church conference in Michigan. The conference led to a connection of two souls mating in ways never thought imaginable. After a long-distance courtship, Kenneth relocated in 2009 from Michigan to California. They both worked on the ministry staff at their church to help their congregation of parishioners grow and mature in the word of God. Their collective efforts in assisting the pastor would become invaluable to him and the congregation at hand. 

In 2012, they were married and now have two beautiful children whom they adore.


           Through their individual religious studies and past experiences, they were drawn to a path of spiritual restoration and enlightenment that led them to their current approach to life. This, coupled with inspiration encouraged by having a family, has motivated them to venture outside of their space to embolden spiritual aspiration in others. They have embraced their calling as a couple to inspire individuals to navigate life as the greatest version of themselves. Spiritual maturation as an individual, healthy and authentic interaction with other people, dating or marital partnerships that embody nurturing tendencies, realistic and

practical responses to past successes and failures; all encompass principles included in the purpose to their ministry.         

           They both are aware that religion serves its purpose and has its place in modern society. They also recognize that some traditions in religion were fashioned from a misunderstanding/misinterpretation of spiritual concepts, borne into religious ideology that serves as the foundation for most current denominations.

           Kenneth and Bianca do not set out to replace or remove these denominations; but rather establish a ministry that will serve as a complement to any individual's spiritual foundation. The CORE of U serves as a platform for the "unchurched"; the religiously disenfranchised; those that seek forms of worship and praise outside of the traditional church service; and individuals that have embraced "new age" beliefs and decided to operate with a new "conscious" mindset.

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