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The CORE of your VISION

Visioning Exercises and Events

  1. When is the last time you dedicated a moment to mapping out your goals?

  2. Do you take time to create action steps to achieving you goals?

  3. How do you make your desires tangible and obtainable?

  4. Are you able to visualize the next "best" version of you?

  5. Do you have fun thinking about evolving and growing in the various areas of your life?

If these questions peaked your interest or have you contemplating about "what's next", you are ready to create your vision.

There are so many ways to visualize and we want to coach you into finding a version that is right for you. Be it creating a vision board, vision book, electronic visual story, or re-energizing your living area with new ways to remind you of the journey you are creating for yourself. The CORE Team is ready to help you have fun while creating your vision. 

Inquire about our next event or how we can customize a visioning package for you.

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