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Hubby on My Last Nerve

My husband and I just made 3 years of matrimony and 6 total with courting time. By all accounts it feels like the time whizzed by. To me this is a great thing because as the old saying goes “time flies when you’re having fun.” We are equally yoked by most measures and in a majority of the areas of our relationship: spiritually, naturally, physically and emotionally. I will say that parenting together has pushed our relationship in facets that I did not expect and at times makes me want to get in a ring and mud wrestle with him.

I had several warnings from parenting friends to let my husband parent his way or risk having his father muscles atrophy from lack of helping at all. He is not the type to stop helping but I want peace in our relationship and I desire to be equally yoked in our parenting while realizing we are two individuals with two unique ways of looking at the world. I have found that unless I feel my child is in immediate danger, it is helpful for me to stand back and observe how my husband is doing what he does and in the process I may learn a tip or two that I might find useful. There is the occasional time I have to interject my opinion, like when he is letting her suck on a chicken bone from the small side of the wing that looks to me like it could slip down her throat in two seconds flat. But all-in-all, I find that if I just give it a moment I can actually find pleasure in watching him parent in his way and it’s not the end of the world that it’s completely different from my way.

There is the random and seldom occasion where we just do not find any common ground. For those occasions I reserve the right to go on Groupon or Living Social to find mud or sumo wrestling facilities where we can take out our frustrations with one another in a fun loving and cute manner.

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