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Stay Focused on Your Marriage

As I look into my sons eyes, I cannot help but hear the advice of my friends and family members telling me that the second child can really put a strain on even the best of marriages. One girlfriend told me to make a gentleman’s agreement with my husband that it is going to be all about the children for the next two years and tell him “don’t cheat like most men do after the second child”. So what do they tell you in sports when you’re facing a threatening enemy? The best defense is a strong offense. As a result I have a made a conscious decision to stay focused on my marriage with the birth of my second child and growing toddler. When my husband walks in from work and I am home now for a few more months, I make it a point to get up and get dressed most days, look presentable and fresh and have my son looking adorable. I greet my husband with the same level of excitement that I greet my children. The first few weeks I could not have sex I pleasured him in other ways and now that I can have sex, I do it and I actually enjoy it even when I just want to sleep. Why? Because I go in knowing that my entire family is happier when the parents stay connected. I am trying to find different ways to keep focused on what brought these beautiful children into my life, my relationship. So although there’s more than enough love to go around, I have found peace in putting it in perspective. So far so good.

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