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Gone but not forgotten...

Today I deleted 15 numbers from my phone of persons who have transitioned on to no longer be living. This is something I have been hesitant to do since 2012. I wrote in a journal for several minutes and realized that I had an association of feeling as though erasing the numbers was a symbol of forgetting the person and what I realized is that I needed to do the deletion of each person from my phone as a release. Releasing them from the Earthly realm and my attachment to their physical, as well as letting them know in the spirit I accept that they are no longer here in the flesh and I release them to move on and rest in peace. It was spiritually empowering living from a place of pro-action rather than reaction. I wrote down their last known number and information, as well as what their spirit represented to me in a couple of adjectives or more. I am thankful for

Coaches, Elyse Falzone and Tasha Champion, who helped identify the release process. It is a blessing to have people around you that help love you into the best version of yourself.

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